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 kyarychan: NEWS!!! Kyary announces new single & 2nd world tour!


Kyary has just announced that she will be releasing a new single on November 6, along with her 2nd world tour!

The title and other information for the single has yet to be released, but Kyary has already revealed the first leg of her world tour (US & Canada). Pre-sale for her North American…

Hell fucking yeah guess whose gonna have a vip booth at this shit. Andy already agreed to come with me. I bet its going to be the worst night of his life. 

11:53am September 4, 2013


I will now be working full time at an international architecture firm that encourages tattoos and what not, and just overall displays of creativity (they liked my hair so suck it asshats that have been mocking me for it) 

I will be doing basic IT work, with a little bit of Java programming on the side when they have it available for me to do. Apparently my enthusiasm for Java and Python over other languages was a plus. 

We can swear, we can wear anything but sweat pants. Theres free coffee, free literature, free databases I now have access to, fucking etc. 

Now I just gotta get in with my psychiatrist before I start working because jesus christ am I gonna have a breakdown going to school full time on top of this or what?

Its kinda cool knowing I was better than the other applicants, hehe. 

2:54pm August 27, 2013

“Here’s why you should give a fuck, Miley. Because you grew up steeped in white privilege; with your father’s name, you’ve been wealthy your entire life. Because your simultaneous appropriation and stereotypying of black culture is harmful and oppressive. You can twerk and pretend to be “ratchet” but it only lasts for the three minutes and 34 seconds that you’re on screen, and then you can take it all off and live life as the privileged white girl that you are. Other people of color can’t do that. They have to deal with the awful stereotypes, the racism, the discrimination that comes attached to their non-whiteness.”

— Jay-Z And Azealia Banks Call Out Miley Cyrus On Cultural Appropriation; She Doesn’t Get It (via beautifail)
1:12pm August 22, 2013



#never forget

AHAHAHAHHA WOW so glad I never watched this show

This reminds me why I watched that show 

1:31pm August 19, 2013

lord, what are women in tech supposed to wear to formal work environments? I’m still gonna have to be crawling around for cabling and such, so what the fuck do I wear? Fucking pantsuit?

1:11pm August 14, 2013

I just had my first big girl job interview and it went well but I’m trying not to get my hopes up but oh my god the place is amazing, its at an international architecture firm and its just so. fucking. cool. 

Follow up interview in two weeks, they have a shit ton of candidates though, so I hope I stood out. I was the only female applicant so I’m sure I at least did that. 

Ugh, I would love this job. I think I can even handle the massive amount of people I’d have to deal with. 

I don’t want to be excited but I’m pretty excited. Oh and I’ll officially finally be graduating this school year. 

Getting my shit together feels pretty damn good. 

2:17pm August 2, 2013

I love New Order so much that I’m actually finally going to Lollapalalala tonight, something I swore I’d never do (I fucking hate festivals) (I typed festicles at first) 

but fuck yeah, the two bands I thought I’d never see, New Order & Cap’N Jazz, I will have seen them both after tonight. 

Now I just gotta wait for a Talking Heads reunion, which is never gonna happen but if it does I’ll never have to go to a fucking concert again.

I used to love going to shows so much but I fucking hate risking running into anyone I know now, so yeah, lets hope my shit attitude doesn’t ruin my night.